[1] Judge for the Sino-German Essay Competition

C2X's co-founder was selected as a judge for the Sino-German Essay Competition, which has been designed to recognize young leaders able to offer strong insights into the future of Sino-German relations based on their professional or academic experience. Related media here.

[2] St. Gallen Symposium

C2X's co-founder selected a Leader of Tomorrow of the 50th St. Gallen Symposium. The Leaders of Tomorrow are carefully selected brilliant young minds from all around the world. They challenge the beliefs of all the participants, spark ideas and ignite actions. They are the drivers of transformation and change and are invited through a nomination process.

[3] Global Changemakers Project

C2X's co-founder was interviewed by grade 10 students, Kyle, Max, and Tristan, at the International School of Zug and Luzern, as part of the Youth Forum Switzerland's Global Changemakers Project. The interview was shared with approximately 600 students from schools from approximately 180 countries around the world. Related media here.

[4] One Young World Munich School Project

C2X's co-founder was invited to interact with high school students in Munich, where this year's summit is supposed to take place. The topic for the seminar was centered around the topic of sustainability. Related media here.

[5] Global Grand Show at the Dubai Design Week

C2X's co-founder was selected to present at Global Grad Show, an exhibition of creativity and social innovation of the Dubai Design Week (2019). Related media here.